D’Addario Rechargable USB Tuner PW-CT-24



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Daddario PW-CT-24

Rechargable headstock USB Tuner


The Planet Waves PW-CT-24 Equinox Tuner is a practical music accessory with numerous advantages. The chromatic contact tuner allows fast and precise tuning and easy handling.

It is a rechargeable tuner that puts an end to time-consuming changing and searching for full batteries. The included 0.3 m USB cable with Micro USB-B can be connected to any USB device. This provides 24 hours of runtime per charge. The tuner is attached to the head of the musical instrument by the clamp, where it can easily stay during playing for constant control without interfering. The direct contact makes it particularly suitable for musicians who often have to tune their instrument in noisy environments. By means of a vibration sensor, it measures the pitch on the basis of the vibrations. This can be read from the bright LED-display, which is easy to see even in suboptimal lighting conditions. For maximum flexibility, the tuner has a swivel design so that the best possible operation and readability is achieved from any position. This makes it compatible with both right-handed and left-handed instruments. The controls are located on the front of the unit and are clearly and unambiguously marked.

The integrated features result in a tuner that has potential to be a lasting companion. Its accuracy ensures tonal security and due to the easy operation, nothing stands in the way of spontaneous jam sessions as well as a quick correction during the game.


  • With USB cable (Micro USB-B).
  • Cable length: 0.3 m