Headrush MX5 Amp Modeling Guitar Effect Processor

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Model: MX5

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Headrush MX5 Amp Modeling Guitar Effect Processor

Guitar Amp Modeling/Multi-effects Processor with 4″ Touch Display, 3 Footswitches, 46 Amp Models, 15 Cabinets, and 63 Effects

By combining stellar-sounding amp models and cabs with an impressive collection of pedals and effects, the Headrush MX5 Amp Modeling Guitar Effect Processor gives you the functionality of a fully stocked rig with grab-and-go convenience. The MX5 is loaded with an optimized quad-core processor, with a wide variety of vintage and modern gear options at your disposal to create custom rigs. Its 4-inch touchscreen is bright and easy to navigate, making it a breeze to swap out models and switch between presets. When you’re ready to hit the stage or use it in the studio, the MX5’s I/O options supply you with all the connections needed to showcase your sound, doubling as an audio interface when used with a computer. Throw in expert-level additions like a dedicated onboard looper, an assignable expression pedal, and a global EQ, and the Headrush MX5 Amp Modeling Guitar Effect Processor bottles convenience and quality at a steal of a price.

Headrush MX5 Amp Modeling Guitar Effect Processor Features:

  • Ultra-portable amp and effects processor with 4-inch touchscreen
  • Zero-latency touchscreen responds to taps, swipes, and drags
  • Ultra-bright HD display ensures you know exactly which rig you’re running
  • Weighs only 3.5 lbs.; fits comfortably in backpacks and bags of all kinds
  • Comes stock with 46 amps, 15 cabinets, 10 mic emulations, 300 impulse responses, and 63 effects
  • Drag-and-drop models to craft your own rigs; cycle through a wide variety of presets to get started
  • Load your own third-party IRs with a Mac or PC over USB
  • 3 footswitches toggle models and Scenes, swap Setlists, and more
  • Hands-free mode lets you choose and tweak amps and effects with your feet
  • Scenes mode lets you swap entire rigs on the fly
  • Gapless preset switching allows reverb and delay tails to continue after switching presets
  • Built-in looper layers up to 20 minutes of loops with 5 minutes for each layer
  • Can load in MP3 and WAV files for backtracks; save your own audio files for future projects and performances
  • Doubles as a 24-bit/96kHz audio interface when connected to a computer
  • Reamp mode colors audio files with MX5’s amps and effects, and records them back to your DAW
  • Assignable expression pedal with Classic and Advanced Modes
  • Global EQ caters your sound to venues and spaces of all kinds
  • Extensive I/O options ensure compatibility with a wide variety of rigs